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Program & Training Questions

What exactly is the AggFlow program?

AggFlow, and its sister program, AggFlowSite are the world's most sophisticated and complete plant flow simulation program developed for the aggregate and mining industry. Use the program to build a crushing plant on your computer screen, choose equipment types and settings, monitor flow rates and gradations at desired points, and then virtually run the plant. By experimenting with different types of equipment and their settings, you can fully optimize crushing, screening and washing equipment to maximize the production of desired products. Aggregate Producers, Equipment Manufacturers and Equipment Dealers around the world use AggFlow to reduce calculation time and increase productivity of their aggregate and mining operations.

How long has the program been available? Who makes it?

BedRock Software, LLC, has been providing the program to the global aggregate industry since 1993. The company has a proven track record of delivering a high quality, reliable and easy to use product to customers. Bedrock is recognized for its integrity, honesty and constant effort to improve and develop the program. Likewise, the program is recognized for delivering quality results with incredible accuracy. Today, the program is acknowledged as the global industry standard plant simulation and analysis software program. Our Technical Support Team is also renowned for its responsiveness and swift delivery of reliable solutions.

Who uses the program?

The program is used extensively by aggregate Producers, equipment Manufacturers and equipment Dealers in more than 60 countries to simulate and optimize aggregate production processes and analysis. Today, the program is recognized worldwide as the industry standard plant flow analysis tool. A recent industry survey concluded that all of the top 25 aggregate producers in the world use the program in their plant flow analysis. The firms who use the program range from small independent and family owned firms to the largest corporations and global conglomerates.

Is the program available in languages other than English?

Yes. Currently the program is available in English, French and Spanish with additional translations under development.

How accurate can the program simulations get?

It is common for the program simulations to exceed ninety-five percent (95%) accuracy. As with any complicated calculation process the results are completely dependent upon the data you put into the system. By taking actual field samples and inputting that data to the program using "Sample Buckets" it is possible to replicate your plant with incredible accuracy.

Can AggFlow make my operation more profitable?

Absolutely! This is the primary reason so many companies around the globe employ the program. Developing an accurate plant simulation that includes live field data will increase accuracy, impact your decision making process and provide a new standard from which you can operate. It is easy to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies. This combined with the ability to perform unlimited "What-if?" scenarios quickly and accurately is significant when it comes to new investment decisions. Producers and Dealers around the globe rely on the program for quick, efficient and accurate analysis. All agree employing the program creates significant and identifiable savings in time, money, materials, equipment and man hours.

Can I put actual field samples and real life data into the program?

Yes. Using "Sample Buckets" and other unique features you can customize the program to simulate your plant almost perfectly. This allows you to establish a benchmark for the plant and then define the effects of equipment or process changes with extreme accuracy.

How does the program compare to other simulation models? What is the difference?

The program is unique in two distinct ways: First, it has been provided to the aggregate industry since 1993. From the beginning, the BedRock Software Team has worked in close collaboration with global industry leaders to ensure the program is simple to use, extremely accurate and completely effective. Throughout our history the program features and components have been developed to meet specific needs outlined by the industry users. Second, and most importantly, it is an independent program which contains data for all equipment manufacturers. Other simulation programs are highly effective tools in analyzing specific manufacturer's equipment. However, AggFlow/AggFlowSite is the only simulation program that can model an entire plant from start to finish and include all of the equipment in the operation. With more than 20 years of development and with the close working relationship we maintain with producers and manufacturers, AggFlow will continue to be an industry leader in total plant simulation.

What is supplied with the program Purchase?

Everything you need to run the complete program is supplied with your order. AggFlow users will receive, via overnight delivery, the AggFlow starter kit which includes the AggFlow License Key (USB Dongle) and complete instructions on getting started. AggFlowSite users will receive everything necessary via the internet. Please do not hesitate to call or email the AggFlow Sales Team if you have any questions when getting started.

Can I have multiple copies of the program on different computers?

Yes. The program can be downloaded to as many computers as you like. AggFlow users must connect the USB Security dongle to the computer to operate the program. AggFlowSite users must be connected to the internet to operate the program.

Do I need to be connected to the internet to run the Program?

AggFlow users do not need to be connected to the internet to operate the program or access plant files. AggFlowSite users must have internet connectivity to operate the program and access plant files. Both AggFlow and AggFlowSite must have internet connectivity to activate/update your License status and to check for program updates.

How is AggFlowSite different from AggFlow?

AggFlowSite is the same operating program as AggFlow, but is designed for single site analysis (AggFlow is unlimited in the number of sites that can be analyzed). AggFlowSite is especially useful for small, independent and family owned firms. AggFlowSite is different from AggFlow in several key aspects:

Program Aspect:AggFlowAggFlowSite
Delivery:USB Key Required Internet delivery, no USB key required
Number of Plants that can be analyzed:Unlimited1 Only
Number of Licensed Users:1 onlyUnlimited
Plant Files Saved:Locally on users computerOn BedRock Software, LLC server only
Internet connectivity:Not required to operate programRequired to operate program

Is there an Operating Manual for the program? Where can I find it?

Yes. The HELP system and several training videos are self contained inside the program. To access the HELP system simply start the program, select "HELP", then "Open HELP System" from the drop down list.

Do I need training before I can use the program?

No. The program is so easy to use that most new users are fully "up and running" within an hour or two. The HELP system, which contains several training videos and other helpful information, is integrated within the program so it is always available for reference. Please do not hesitate to call or email the BedRock Sales Team if you have any questions when getting started. Training is always available should you wish to explore all the capabilities of the program.

Is Training Available?

Yes. We provide 3 different types of training regularly. For complete details on training go to the "CONTACT" tab on the website and select the "Training" option:

  • Corporate Training: We provide training for corporations that have multiple Operating Licenses and want to provide comprehensive training for the program users in their organization. We can arrange a training session at corporate offices or at annual meetings and other off-site events. These can range from a simple introductory session to full-day multi-level training sessions.
  • Group Training: We provide training for groups at various times of the year based on regional demand. Group training sessions typically cover one to two full days. See the Events window on the website for upcoming dates & locations or contact the BedRock Sales Team directly for more information.
  • Individual or Small Group Training (15 participants maximum): Individual training can easily be arranged via on-line sessions. From the introductory level to advanced, users can improve simulation and analysis by ordering a program review with our training staff. Typical sessions run 1 hour.

Can I submit new or additional equipment for inclusion in the program? How?

Yes, we are always prepared to expand our equipment database to meet your needs. If there is aggregate equipment that you would like to have included in the program please contact our sales team directly. The process is very simple. All our programmers need is the exact details of the equipment (for example manufacturer, cone, jaw, model numbers, operating parameters, and other critical data). This process is made easy with the Equipment Submission Form which we will send you.

Is there a demonstration version of the program available?

Yes. A demonstration video of the program is available Free of Charge. After you see the program in action we will be glad to arrange a one-on-one demonstration and even help model your plant or operation during the demonstration. To request the video or to arrange a demonstration, please contact the BedRock Sales Team via the CONTACT tab on the website or call us directly on (USA) 360-576-5403.

Is the program available to Schools & Universities?

Yes. The program is a critical part of the Engineering & Mining curriculum at many Universities and educational facilities around the world. The Management Team at BedRock Software believes the future of the aggregate industry depends heavily on the continuing development of young professionals in the world's educational systems. Accordingly, we are pleased to provide the program Free of Charge* to any educational facility that may benefit from the inclusion of this powerful simulation program in their curriculum. If you are interested in including the program in your curriculum please contact the BedRock Sales Team directly on 360-576-5403. *Bedrock does ask that educational partners cover the cost of the license keys and shipping.

License Purchase & Renewal Questions

What is the program Operating License? Is it required?

The Operating License entitles registered users to all rights and privileges associated with the program for the period of one year. All Operating Licenses incorporate constant program updates (typically 10-15 per month), all new program releases (typically 1-2 per year) and continuous telephone, email and remote support. A valid Operating License is required to operate the program. For questions please contact the BedRock Sales Team directly.
Review the BedRock Operating License Agreement

Can I use the program without a current Operating License?

No. The program is proprietary and requires an active Operating License to operate
Review the BedRock Operating License Agreement

Is it possible to renew my Operating License even if it expired long ago?

Yes. Once you purchase the program you are entitled to renew your Operating License at any time. All license renewals include constant program updates (typically 10-15 per month), all new program releases (typically 1-2 per year) and continuous telephone, email and remote support for the period of 1 year. To renew your AggFlow License go to the "Order Now" tab on the website and select the "Renew License" option from the drop-down menu.
Review the BedRock Operating License Agreement

I have an old version of the program which still runs. Can I use my program without a current Operating License?

No. The program is proprietary and a valid Operating License is required to operate it. Some older versions may continue to run unlicensed and unsupported. However, BedRock Software cannot assure unlicensed programs are operating properly and cannot support these programs without a current Operating License. Users with old versions of the program are entitled to renew their license and update to the latest program version at any time. Users who choose to operate unlicensed and unsupported programs do so at their own risk. To renew your Operating License go to the "Order Now" tab on the website and select the "Renew License" option from the drop-down menu.
Review the BedRock Operating License Agreement

Does the Operating License include everything I need to run the program?

Yes. Since 2006 program Operating Licenses have included every aspect of the program including special features like wash modules, screen calculations and water mass balance capabilities. When you purchase or renew an Operating License you are provided with everything necessary to optimize and maximize your plant flow calculations.

How do I pay for my Operating License or renewal?

You can pay for the program with a credit card or a Purchase Order. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Diner's Club credit cards. You can safely provide your purchase information through the payment screens on the website which engages XRamp SSL Secure Site, a credit card execution provider that prevents unauthorized access or fraud. To make an on-line payment go to the "Order Now" tab on the website. We also accept payment by check, electronic payment, and wire transfer. For Purchase orders it is very helpful if you have a PO number available at the time of order.

Are multiple purchase or corporate discounts available?

Yes. Multiple purchase and corporate discounts are available for program purchases. If you are part of, or affiliated with, a large organization please let us know as corporate discounts may apply. Please contact the BedRock Sales Team directly for more information.

Why should I keep my program updated? How is the latest version different than my old version?

The plant simulation and analysis program is an extremely complicated and dynamic program that is constantly being updated in order to ensure maximum efficiency. Keeping your program updated to the latest version is essential to ensure the program is operating efficiently and that you are accessing the latest features, program additions, calculations and bug fixes. Always select "YES" when the program asks "Do you want to check for updates?" (make certain to have a solid internet connection).

How do I get a program update?

To update your program simply select "YES" when the program asks "Do you want to check for updates?" (make certain to have a solid internet connection).

How much does it cost to keep my program updated?

As a licensed program user you are entitled to the latest version Free of Charge. The Operating License includes constant program updates (typically 10-15 per month), all new program releases (typically 1-2 per year) and continuous telephone, email and remote support for the license period. Simply check for updates every time you run the program by select "YES" when the program asks "Do you want to check for updates?" (make certain to have a solid internet connection).

Do I need to check regularly for program updates? How Often?

Yes. It is important to keep your program updated regularly to ensure the program is operating efficiently and that you are accessing the latest features, program additions, calculations and bug fixes. It is recommended you update your program at least monthly.

When I update my program are my old files compatible with the new version?

Yes. All versions of the Program are backward compatible. You should have no problem carrying your plant files from an old version to a new version.

Can program users with older versions of the program read files made with latest version?

No. New program files contain substantially more data, information and program features than old versions. Consequently, old versions of the program simply cannot recognize the files made with new versions. Keeping your program updated regularly will minimize errors from outdated programs.

What is the Reader version? How do I get it?

The Reader version allows people that do not have the program to open, view and print plant designs, reports and data that has been created in the program. For example, a process engineer in your company can create a plant design using the program and then send that design file to a colleague who can use the free Reader version to open, review and print the plant file. The Reader does not allow the modification or creation of plant files. The Reader version is provided Free of Charge. Please contact the BedRock Sales Team directly for a link to the Reader.

Does the AggFlow license key contain important data and files?

No. The AggFlow license key is simply a mechanism that authorizes the program to run (like the key to your car). It does not contain any critical data other than your current license number and authorization. All AggFlow program files are stored along with any plant flow files you create on your computer.

I have an old style parallel AggFlow license key. Can I still Use it?

Yes. Many original AggFlow users continue to run the program with old style parallel license keys. There is no problem with continuing to use parallel keys and the latest versions of the program can still be downloaded and run as before. When you are ready to change to a USB key simply call the AggFlow Sales Team.

Program System Questions

Does the program provide Water Processing and Water Mass Balance calculations?

Yes. The program incorporates many different aspects of water processing in its calculations including Log Washers, Sand Screws, Classifiers and Clarifiers. For Water Mass Balance calculations the program also incorporates Pumps, Spray Bars, Cyclones and even a "Black Box" capability to customize your own water processing calculations. We continue to focus on this area of development and you can expect continued improvements to the water processing segments in the program.

Can I perform calculations in Metric?

Yes. All base calculations performed by the program are executed using Metric units. By adjusting "User Preferences" you can select from several different measurement units and currencies.

Can Data be entered in non-metric measures?

Yes. You can select from several different measurement units and currencies by making adjustments to your "User Preferences".

Can I change the currency symbol?

Yes. The program allows you to select between $ € £ and ¥. Please keep in mind that the program does not provide currency conversion. The program treats each unit of currency as one unit. Please review the program Operating Manual for specific instructions.

Can I import or export program data files with Excel or other sources?

Yes. You can easily import and export program data with Windows Excel. You can also export data to PDF, and other format styles.

Can I import or export program data files with AutoCad?

No. The program is actually performing complex calculations in the simulation. Conversely, AutoCad is a simple graphics interface which does not provide any data or perform calculations. Therefore, the intent and design behind the two programs makes them incompatible.

Does the program work with Windows Vista?

Yes. the program is compatible with Windows Vista. However, when using a computer running windows Vista it is important to run the program as an "Administrator". This will ensure your program is running optimally. This is especially important during installation of program files and downloads. To change your status from User to Administrator simply Right-click the program icon on your desktop and select "Run as Administrator". This change is necessary because Vista has a default mechanism to run programs at the "user" level. Defaulting to the user level may affect your downloads.

Is there a mechanism for reporting errors?

Yes. The program contains two types of error recognition and reporting mechanisms. The first, Operator Error Recognition, highlights problems or potential problems in the program calculations caused by incomplete or conflicting data input by the user such as incomplete numbers or zero values in critical calculations. The second, Calculation Error Recognition, highlights problems or potential problems caused by erroneous data such as inconsistent crusher operating parameters or gradation curves. In both cases the program alerts users to the potential problem and provides problem resolution opportunities on the spot - including error reporting mechanisms to the BedRock Support Team.

What are the minimum System Requirements for running the program?

* Operating System: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista
* CPU: 500MHz Pentium (or equivalent)
* RAM: 128MB (256MB+ recommended)
* Hard Disk: 30MB Free Space
* Screen resolution: 1024 x 768

**Important Note: AggFlow only requires internet connectivity to Check On-Line License Status and receive program updates. AggFlowSite requires internet connectivity to operate.

Connection & Support Questions

When I try to install the program updates the download fails.

These problems occur when your corporate network settings or computer firewall are preventing full communication with our website. If you are on a corporate network please alert your IT (Information Technology team) and ask them to ensure that www.aggflow.com is an authorized site for your network. If you are not using a corporate network please ensure your computer firewall settings (i.e. Windows Firewall and Norton Internet Security, etc.) are allowing full access to the AggFlow website.

After I update and restart the AggFlow program I get the following error message: "aggflow.exe is not a valid Win32 application."

This problem occurs when your anti-virus or spyware programs interfere with the program update process and generally only happens when you are running an old version of the Program. If this happens you need to download the latest program version to your computer which will include programming patches to make the update process work efficiently with your anti-virus programs in future. To download the latest program go to the "Download" tab on the website and select the "Latest Update" option from the drop-down menu. Please note, if your license is expired, you will need to renew it in order to update your program.

When I select an area of the worksheet by dragging the mouse in AggFlow the area inside the box is solid black. How do I make it transparent?

You simply need to adjust your Windows settings like this:

  • Open Windows Control Panel; select "System"
  • Select "Advanced System Settings"
  • Select "Performance Settings"
  • Scroll down the menu selection and uncheck "Enable Desktop Composition".
  • Choose "Apply", then "OK".
The black box should no longer appear when dragging selections.

Is AggFlow compatible with all versions Windows?

YES! AggFlow is fully compatible with all currently Microsoft supported versions Windows. If you experience problems for any reason please inform us and we will help you sort them out immediately.