Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about AggFlow DM. For additional information, please visit the program HELP page. If you don't find an answer to your question here, feel free to contact us.

AggFlow DM is a program that is installed on your local computer. The program goes to our severs to open and save your work. If you have a Design License, then the work is also saved to a local database on your computer. The work saved to the cloud has the advantage of always being backed up and easily shared with other users, per your instructions. The local database allows you to always access your own work, even when you do not have an internet connection.

No. New program files are created with the latest updates and contain data, information and program features that are not available in old versions. Because of this, old versions of the program simply cannot recognize the files made with new versions. Keeping your program updated regularly will minimize errors from outdated programs and will always ensure any file created in AggFlow can be opened in AggFlow DM.

Yes. All versions of the AggFlow DM program are compatible with the USB program. All files from the USB program can be imported as projects or revisions into projects in AggFlow DM. AggFlow DM is a newer program that has upgrades not available to the USB program, so project revisions are not compatible with the older program. With AggFlow DM, you will have no problem importing your plant files from the previous versions of AggFlow.

The AggFlow DM plant simulation and analysis program is an extremely complicated and dynamic program that is constantly being updated in order to ensure maximum efficiency. Keeping your program updated to the latest version is essential to ensure the program is operating efficiently and that you are accessing the latest features, program additions, calculations and improvements. Always select "YES" when the program asks "Do you want to check for updates?" (make certain you have a solid Internet connection).

To purchase AggFlow DM, simply go to the Order Now page. If you already have a customer account, please sign in and return to the Order Now page. If you do not already have a customer account, click on “Create Login Account,” and you will be prompted to provide an email address and password. Fill in all required fields and then log in. Once you are fully logged in, please return to the Order Now page, where you will choose Design User, Manage Project or Training Class/Consulting. After you have made your product or service choice(s), click “Continue” at the bottom of the page. You will be prompted to select a payment type. A credit card payment enables you to receive immediate full access to the program. If you opt to generate an invoice or pro forma invoice, expired or new programs will not be provided with full access to the program until the invoice is paid.

To renew your current AggFlow Design license, log in to your account at, select the "Order Now" tab on the website, and select "Design User." If your license is not shown, then click on "Add Existing Design Licenses For Renewal." You will be prompted to enter either your token number (from your USB key) or your user number and email. Follow the instructions at the bottom of the page to return to the purchase page, confirm the purchase amount and continue to the order verification and payment methods.

A valid License is required to operate the program and create or edit simulations. The End User License Agreement can be found under the Help Menu dropdown within the program. The license entitles registered users to all rights and privileges associated with the program, as long as subscription fees remain current with payment. All licenses incorporate constant program updates (typically 10-15 per month), all new program releases (typically 1-2 per year) and continuous telephone, email and remote support for as long as the license remains active. For AggFlow Design long-term subscribers, online training sessions are provided at no charge within the first year. For AggFlow Design short-term subscribers, online training and is available at standard consulting rates.

Yes. The program is a critical part of the Engineering & Mining curriculum at many universities and educational facilities around the world. The Management Team at BedRock Software believes the future of the aggregate industry depends heavily on the continuing development of young professionals in the world's educational systems. Accordingly, we are pleased to provide an AggFlow DM educational version free of charge to any educational facility that may benefit from the inclusion of this powerful simulation program in their curriculum. If you are interested in including the program in your curriculum, please contact the BedRock Sales Team directly either via our Contact Us page or at 360-576-5403.

Yes. A demonstration version of the program is available free of charge. Anyone who downloads the AggFlow DM software without completing a purchase may demo the program with limited features that restrict actual modeling of a real plant. If you have any questions after you work with the demo version, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Most AggFlow Design users do not require training to get started. The program is so easy to use that most new users are "up and running" within an hour or two. The HELP system, which contains step-by-step instructions with screen captures and illustrations, is integrated within the program so it is always available for reference. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions when getting started. Training is always available, should you wish to explore all the capabilities of the program. AggFlow Manage users new to Production Scheduler require an initial minimum 10 hours of consulting time with a Certified AggFlow Consultant to ensure their plant is properly modeled and to be trained on Production Scheduler.

AggFlow Design users who purchase a long-term subscription will be provided with a USB key to work offline. Users must, however, sign in to AggFlow online at least once every 21 days. AggFlow Design short-term subscribers and AggFlow Manage users must be connected to the Internet to operate the program and access plant data. It is recommended that all users sign in regularly to check for program updates.

After you purchase either AggFlow Design or AggFlow Manage, you will be provided with instructions to download the software. Everything you need to install and run the program is available with your order and download. If you have purchased AggFlow Manage, Production Scheduler will not be activated until you have completed training in the use of Production Scheduler. A Certified AggFlow Consultant will contact you upon request to begin the process of building your plant model for Production Scheduler. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

AggFlow DM will work on a Mac that has been equipped with Windows capabilities, such as Boot Camp or Parallels. We are currently gauging interest in a Mac OS-compatible version of AggFlow DM. If you are interested in a Mac OS version of AggFlow, let us know! Visit the "contact us" page and send us a message.

AggFlow DM is a software download. System requirements include: • Operating System: Windows Vista / Windows 7 or above • CPU: Minimum 500MHz Pentium (or equivalent) • RAM: Minimum 128MB (256MB+ recommended) • Hard Disk: Minimum 30MB Free Space • Screen resolution: 1024 x 768

AggFlow DM is unique in several distinct ways: First, it has been provided to the aggregate industry since 1993. From the beginning, the BedRock Software Team has worked in close collaboration with global industry leaders to ensure AggFlow is simple to use, extremely accurate and completely effective. Throughout our history, the program features and components have been developed to meet specific needs outlined by industry users. Second, and most importantly, AggFlow has always been an independent program that contains data for all equipment manufacturers. Other simulation programs are highly effective tools in analyzing equipment from specific manufacturers; AggFlow DM is the only simulation program that can model an entire plant from start to finish and include all of the equipment in the operation. With more than 20 years of development and with the close working relationship we maintain with producers and manufacturers, AggFlow DM will continue to be an industry leader in total plant simulation.

Yes. Feed gradations and crusher output gradations can be modified under adjust setup, and actual gradations can be added using "Sample Buckets" on flow lines. For any end product, the measured gradation can be added to show the comparison to calculated. Measured rates can be added, but AggFlow will use the calculated in a simulation to ensure mass balance between feed and product rates. You can customize the program to simulate your plant almost perfectly. This allows you to establish a benchmark for the plant and then define the effects of equipment or process changes with extreme accuracy.

AggFlow DM is the most sophisticated and complete plant flow simulation program available today for the aggregate and mining industry. The software enables you to build and simulate a crushing, screening and/or washing plant on your computer screen; choose equipment types and settings; monitor flow rates and gradations at desired points; and then virtually run the plant. By experimenting with different types of equipment and their settings, you can fully optimize your crushing, screening and washing equipment to maximize production of desired products. Aggregate producers, equipment manufacturers, equipment dealers, engineers and consultants around the world use AggFlow to reduce calculation time and increase productivity of aggregate and mining operations.

AggFlow DM (Design and Manage) is the latest version of AggFlow. It combines all products into one program. AggFlow Design replaces the original AggFlow, and it continues to provide plant design assistance for equipment suppliers, engineers and producers. Design users can hold a Design license, and can create an unlimited number of design projects. AggFlow Manage replaces the former AggFlowSite program, allowing customers to buy individual project licenses and invite an unlimited number of users per project license to access that project. With the AggFlow project control panel, each user can access Design and Manage Projects, and use the same control panel for educational projects or as an unlicensed reader of design projects.

It is common for the program simulations to exceed 95% accuracy on gradation and throughput results. As with any complicated calculation process, the results are completely dependent upon the data you put into the system. By taking actual field samples and inputting that data into the simulation using "Sample Buckets," crusher output gradations and paying attention to adjust setup for screening and washing equipment, it is possible to replicate your plant with incredible accuracy.

An AggFlow Manage is an individual AggFlow license to create an accurate simulation with operating modes for a single existing operation. This can be used to identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks in your plant. Adding Production Scheduler ties the operational modes of the plant directly to a sales forecast to determine sales shortfalls, inventory changes, schedules by operating mode and the best solution to maximize revenue based on a plant's limitations. Results are shown by stage and for the consolidated plant. Decisions can then be made on the best and most efficient way to run an operation to manage inventory and balance production to sales.

Yes. Currently the program is available in English, French, Spanish, German and Russian, with additional translations under development.